Testcraft is an incredibly versatile and scalable platform that allows you to collect and analyze data from the most difficult source on the planet: Human Beings.

Industry Specific Solutions

Every environment has its own special requirements. With a long history of successful and specialized deployments within commercial, government, education and non-profit environments, we can help you develop a solution to satisfy almost any requirement.

Testcraft helps you maintain your competitive advantage.
With certifications, surveys and analysis at your fingertips, Testcraft empowers commercial users to adapt to change quickly even with a geographically distributed workforce. We’ve helped organizations within industries such as financial, health-care, hospitality and food services measure, prepare and enact change under timelines once considered impossible.

Designed for the Education Environment
On-Site Learning. Distance Learning. Proctor Friendly.

Testcraft was originally designed and developed for education. 
That’s why it has a unique feature set, allowing you to structure account workspaces that model your entire educational environment. Managing large deployments of content authors is easy. 

The ability to deliver both instructional content alongside evaluation and feedback instruments, makes Testcraft an ideal platform for the educational environment. Firewall deployments, installation, management, and support are made easy regardless of institution size.

Government compliance made easier.
Track mission objectives and progress.

Raw data is the easiest and best way to prove that government objectives are being met. 
Testcraft provides the tools needed to do so, immediately. Testcraft can recognize where programs are working as designed; give data to show where improvements might be made and provide informational analysis for immediate action. Whether you need information from the field, or internally regarding your team, Testcraft provides the tools to make more objective decisions that will help you utilize your budget more effectively.

Data Intelligence That Makes the Most of Your Resources

Managing a tight budget and meeting goals is made easier for non-profits who use Testcraft.
 Testcraft provides unique capabilities that cater to nonprofit organizations with initiatives that are often geo-diverse, and require than the to gather information and make decisions in a very tight timeframe.

25 Question/Data Types

Test Question Types
Multiple Choice; Drop-down select; True/False; Matching; Fill-in; Essay; Weighted Multiple Choice; Numeric Fill-in; Ranking/Ordering

Survey Question Types
Choose one; Drop-down select; Agree/Disagree; Excellent/Poor; All That Apply; Short Answer; Opinion; Matrix; Net Promoter

Content Item Types
Content Block

Translation Ready

Deliver Globally, Speak Locally.

Testcraft lets you control the regional language and terms used to improve content understanding and retention. With a built-in language editor, you can change the every button label your audience will see when your assessment instrument is delivered.  Support for languages that read from right-to-left means you can collect data in languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

Pre / Self Registration

Pre-Register or Self-Register Respondents.

Whether you are a team of one or 100, Testcraft gives you options to manage your workflow. If you have a specific audience list, and want to ensure only those you invite participate in your assessment feedback, pre-register them using Testcraft Email Invitation Manager. If you want to utilize the HR, LMS or web portal integration capabilities, or simply save yourself the time and effort of list management, have your respondents self-register.

Unlimited Authors

Stop buying seats.Buy productivity.

Testcraft is aimed at giving you one thing: productivity. Stop wasting your money on “seats” or “users” and let your entire organization utilize the tools at your disposal. With Testcraft you pay for functional requirements and space to hold your data. You can have as many people creating as many assessments with all of the tools to securely manage your content.

Deliver Content/Get Feedback

1-Step Content Delivery and Feedback Collection.

Stop hounding your respondents to complete a questionnaire or other feedback mechanism. Testcraft allows you to deliver content and collect feedback in a single step. This gives you immediate measurement of content understanding, knowledge retention, and feedback on your material.

Mobile Optimized

Optimized for Mobile Delivery.

Author once, deliver everywhere. Testcraft is optimized for mobile delivery on a range of mobile devices. Whether tablet or smartphone, Testcraft recognizes the optimal layout for the device and input mechanism.

Detailed Reporting

The most valuable answers come from Testcraft.

Testcraft is focused on the value that data provides by answering important questions you have about your organization, industry, or market.  Testcraft lets you view your data through reports, or manipulate it in other formats including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, PDF, CSV and others.

Superior Support

Treat your customers like co-workers and they’ll stay with you for 12 years.

Ingenious Group has always focused on supporting our customers and working by their side. Today, we stand by our commitment. Our stunning history of customer loyalty is a key indicator we’ve kept our promises and make our customers a priority.

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