Testcraft 8.

The most valuable answers come from Testcraft.

Outstanding Features

Simple Account Management

Easily create Testcraft workspaces for anyone, while maintaining complete control over security and data using a hierarchy of sub-accounts and security controls.

Clean Delivery

Testcraft’s assessments are delivered in a clean, reliable and well-structured interface, supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Speaking Your Language

Modify, edit, or translate virtually everything within the assessment delivery engine to countless other languages and match your organization’s own unique terminology.

Access to Result Data

Your result data isn’t locked up in some proprietary vault somewhere. It is downloadable in several common data formats, so you can choose the one best suited to your skills with data manipulation.

Dynamic Filterable Reports

Powerful and easy-to-use, Testcraft’s versatile reporting capabilities are the best in the industry. Our report center has virtually infinite filtering options and exports reports in various format options (PDF, Excel, HTML, etc.).

Complete Respondent Control

Maintain complete control over each test-taking experience right from the start with quick access to audit reports that make it easy to ensure respondents comply with all policies and rules that have been put in place.